Third Eye Fire

A glimmer in his eye unwraps a smile cast in spite
of all the sickly truths unveiled to his unyielding sight.
The horrors of the hidden pasts congeal and set aflame,
to start from here as lesser men, we fail to ascertain
the pathways that connect the now to all of time exposed.
His vision's quest presents a test, in whispers they propose
that he accept the gift of spawning exponential minds,
of bandaging the universe, of geometric signs.

Untitled Song of an Untitled Man

A cold command towards land unseen,
one thousand scents unquenched decree
for all that never is to be
will quell the swelling light by scene

Amidst the mist of further gait
into the wilderness to mate,
the followed glances dissipate
and push away the weight.

Flame falling fire it bores a hole
Into the shame that crawls

[If there's a God then its not what I want]
{If there's a God then I tell you its gone}
[All trapped up in heaven, left to blame what is wrong]
{While I'm here in Hell, caught between what I've got}