Kinks in the Riddle

 Skin pressed against, soft, climactic and suede;
With your legs wrapped around all the love that we've made.
I can smell, taste, and breath in the sweat, sweet and wet.
So descent Goddess gold like the sun as it sets.

Your breath will be taken
Two bodies to break in
Digging in till you scream
We are temples of dreams

Have You Ever Been Experienced?

I can see the fragrant colors left like raindrops
with the motion of her step,
and my heart is softly hoping
in this moment that the shades will pool again.

Into my vessel flows the answers formed in adaptation.

I am weightless but for gravity,
and I fly to spite my broken wings;
the circumstances provide the sensation of flow
underneath my open eyes as the world floods in...

We are made of tiny little pieces and built to reflect.

I fucking whip my hair around my fucking smile
and vandalize the expectations long lost in expertise...

I finally get why the time happened in this order,
and the clouds part on the idea that I was born for this.
Who could have thought that my total defeat
would lose me the castle and steal me the kingdom?

Just Stopping Short of Infinity

The ice was cold on the outside,
but here I sat melting away.
My hands were on fire with touch,
for her smile had willed me to stay.
I looked out at bay before us
and whispered a prayer to the moon,
"oh highest of gods in the heavens,
my soul will be joining you soon."

The time turned me on to expression,
my grasp found her bright at my side
to cherish the moment that I had to share
by the violet light in her eyes

Gratia Ignis

You have lived inside of me for so many years, long before these shells met in that corridor of low frequency and heavy vibrations.

I have never felt this way about someone.

It feels in my head like we are the same note in this symphony surrounding. It burns in my heart like you are now a new sparkle in my aura, like diamonds.

The truth knows that I have been damaged in this life by love and losing... but no past betrayals or infected regret could prevent our paths from merging in these gorgeous new ways. The lessons have accrued

This is not to say that I understand. I do not know the true nature of your motivations in life, the eventual results of my choices, or the possible outcomes of our blessed meeting... But there is a truth in your words that has unlocked something more brilliant and tangibly spiritual than I could have expected.

I love you, have loved you without even knowing that you could be real. You amaze me; you feel like home.

I am humbled by this.

With gratitude and hopefulness,