A Prayer To Gaia

Sweet, supple Gaia please hear my voice:

I am not worthy of your unadulterated majesty, your trees, your rivers. I am but a single creature holding so many others within me, and I have spoken these words to ask you for help. Please, glorious Gaia, hold me to your bosom in this period of unraveling; please, ancient Gaia, show me the path towards the ocean so I might swim within your depths. I pray for absolution and mercy, oh great Gaia, for my spine is kinked in the light of my foolish hopefulness.

I ask for this in broken humility; I ask for light in my squalor and decay. I request a rescue, for my own intuition has faltered and failed.

I pray to your creatures, I pray to my self; I pray to your teachers, I pray to your hells.

To the light, the all, the emptiness I pray.
Om Ni Pa Di Om