for the first time in a long time, i saw beauty in the mirror as my eyes met my eyes. finally i could see.
This smile pulls in the lines of my face, and my eyes shine like nebulas.

its been so long since i've seen that face in this light.

fleeting moment as i'd seen you

pass out and then i'll die here.
everything inside
the silence that opens us.

felt feeling with kiss before,
except I had not 
yet been in such moments.

spoken word, empty thought, as
the tensions rise we
crumble like the flesh we are.

L Dmt

Watching an explosion at a distance
but there's no shielding the heat from our faces.
Reds like blood and Oranges bursting like flame,
marked up madness pouring over every pore.

Certainly there are hopes dashed on the sidelines of this experience,
some other narrative pushed to the border.

Wild, though, passion ignited furiously;
spilling out, pushing past the edges of sanity.


I have no fucking idea what just happened,
but now my room is empty of her mania
and I'll slip back into comfort,
just after I erase the image
of a mad woman smearing toxic paint on her pretty face.