My Greatest Moment Yet:

Making love by the light of the full moon whilst juggling alligators in tiny rocket ships brought back from the future to liberate our minds with the healing power of advanced alien lazer-beam gumbo which often comes with an unfortunately small side of corn bread that was baked in the wood-fire oven of a particularly ornery ex-Tony Danza impersonator who evidently is unable to return the many messages i have left him since that first romantic evening that he held me to his remarkably tender and supple bosom until I felt like I was back in the womb again, though only for a moment.


Deep slumber
dreaming of the weight of waking

for that bittersweet feel
until my soul dissolves
like the veins of a junkie

love like a needle
words like the blackest tar
rushing towards my defenseless mind
at the speed of my heart's contractions

same destiny
different path
under my skin