fuck you for failing me 
oh strangling tethers of my heart;
grasping for what's missing 
as my lungs starve and crumble.

no more chances at growing old together, 
of holding wrinkled hands 
in the blinding brilliance of the sun
as it crests into our view. 

this image floods into my thoughts 
like the napalm of old mistakes;
the bitter and illogical musings of an emotionally turbulent man
stuck between his mind and his affections. 

Year of the Horse

why's it been so damn long?
it's almost as if these words didn't need me to say them.
i've been feeling and learning like never before,
so it is peculiar to move forwards without a supple channel of rhetoric to chant my frictions.
more things coming so profoundly into focus these days,
like the power of my heart
and the chance to move on.

It's all so dangerous,
fresh, invigorating, and sometimes even appropriately sketchy.

I am open
shining brilliantly
gathering the seashells of my affections
into the castles of a mirthful court.