Evolution of the game,
away from the concrete dimensions
of a stable trajectory.
bound only by the confines
of this flesh-born comprehension.
By what title
might the coming transformation
be defined?
These are the fires of enlightenment
that swell to consume
the crumbling remains of virtuosic purpose.
Hope must remain that true passion can withstand
even the most raucous turbulence,
for in this life we are to be surprised.


everyone is just doing their best
i am trying

she said

in the background of your stance
is another missed chance
to make things right

and so it was

we were children again
except for all this baggage
we hoisted around
just in case


i care too much
and its only ever
in a certain way

my selfishness
has been catching up
to the place
that i thought i would have left by now


i am beginning to forget
what i once decided
my self to comprise

nasty habits
and the resounding
effort to see