Raw, vulnerable, lonely, and completely alive.
In one moment I can shift from a skulk to full seduction.
At the edge of my self with only fire to cushion the fall.
I am the phoenix, and destruction is my creation.

A Quick Look in the Mirror

I am a gentle, sensual giant
with an eye for the bizarre.
Hard to understand,
even harder to enjoy,
I waddle my way into trouble
without a moment's hesitation.
I love too hard,
smoke far too much,
and lie as though its going out of style.
Attraction and repulsion
are the two shades of my charisma,
and I have yet to find the grey.
I used to love myself;
now I struggle to climb
towards some happy medium.
At least it's all a joke,
though the punchline is rather harsh.

Morning's Reflections on a Lover

With the wild look of a wounded animal she looks out farther than she can see
into the dark valleys of raw oblivion.

She must have been sculpted by God's only daughter, for every skin-covered inch
is worthy of worship.

Her movements haunt my memories like a specter of desire; countless legions of my genetic material
have fallen in her honor.

Only found when she is lost, she reminds me that there can be
no stable ground under foot.

She is elusive at best, yet I have the urge to pin her down
and explore her fears.

Until that potential infinity, I will remain in the stasis of desire; in my mind she
is mine, if only for a moment.

Carrying this Ambiguity

Confusion say too many things to hear, 
my ponderance sparkles in her clouded eyes. 
How am I to ride in silence? 

This is the purgatory of mutual disinterest, 
weighing equal minds that speak of magnetism; 
is this repulsion or were we never quite that close? 

The rain soothes me,
when it is foggy, cold, and dark
I don't feel so alone.
The visions are of some slight consolation;
I have seen something tangibly inspiring,
Some transformation I hope to achieve.
Until then I'll remain wrapped up tight
In this silken blanket of Winter's wants,
Eyes open in search of opportunity.