No More Medication

These tired eyes are burning,
my lungs straining to gulp down air,
toxic blood pushed through my toxic heart.

I have been escaping since before I can remember,
too many years of conditioning my behavior
until I'm left with unbreakable habits.

I want to be alive again,
free thoughts and
better breath.

Oh my darling cannabis,
you dance around the altar of my hopes,
leaving no penance for the crimes of indifference that you've inspired.

To the sweet leaved tobacco plant,
I leave you my lungs, skin, and whatever else you'll take anyways;
Such foolish trust maintained for such a pitiful reward.

So many more actions without cause
and yet so full of repercussions,
leaving this husk cracked and without hope to recover.


fettered ties to an ugly past

all of the air is sapped from the room as i am lost to the memories

i do not understand where i've come from or why

this identity cannot relate any longer