The Threesome that Never Was

Open city, winding roads;
a mattress on the floor with friends.
They giggle and speak
something that my ears cannot see.

My imagination kicks into gear
and will not be silenced.
Like a child on his way to ice cream,
there are plans and calculations,
a certain coming to terms with the fact
that these two individuals
seek to reclaim a primordial legacy
in the joining of our wombs.

And like an all-too-familiar dream,
chances are dashed, new plans chrystalized,
and out the door we go
as the mattress sinks out of view behind us.

Mermaids a'Plenty

She is as dangerous as Atlantis,
sunk by force and left to swim.
I can taste the bitter spray
of an ocean hungry for submission,
I feel the quiverings of failure
painted across my face.

I cannot grasp the land
below these boiling waves,