Like two point blank shotgun blasts to the cranium,
each request left little to the imagination.
She had always been too quick, too brash
for him to keep up on any level she would allow;
and here it was,
drawn out for him on the mental equivalent of yellow snow,
the tumor-ridden husk of a once sanguine attraction
lying doubled over at the threshold of this tiny house.

She was free now
to chase the bigger and the better,
as her pleas had been fulfilled
by his total evacuation from
any shared plane of interaction.

He had forfeited the whole world to abscond,
even if it had been more her style
to participate in this mass delusion most call life.

I will bury you somewhere beautiful

in time

and then when i am alone again

i can dig you up and taste you

for a moment

The toxic air was the only thing keeping me buoyant 
Oh if only i could breath in the disease
A poison poem by someone else,
sent by proxy from good distance;
and with what rhetorical armaments
might you be attacking my reticence?

Some advice:
Pull the plug on anything
that does not strengthen,
and take your energy out
on someone who remains deceived.

Please remain obtuse
with eyes i cannot meet
Our endless gratitude is yours
if only this charade survives

Lets continue to smother
our impossible dreams
in favor of becoming
finally satisfied with living

This tightness in the chest
must be ignored
to allow for prosperity
to sparkle