Evolution of the game,
away from the concrete dimensions
of a stable trajectory.
bound only by the confines
of this flesh-born comprehension.
By what title
might the coming transformation
be defined?
These are the fires of enlightenment
that swell to consume
the crumbling remains of virtuosic purpose.
Hope must remain that true passion can withstand
even the most raucous turbulence,
for in this life we are to be surprised.


everyone is just doing their best
i am trying

she said

in the background of your stance
is another missed chance
to make things right

and so it was

we were children again
except for all this baggage
we hoisted around
just in case


i care too much
and its only ever
in a certain way

my selfishness
has been catching up
to the place
that i thought i would have left by now


i am beginning to forget
what i once decided
my self to comprise

nasty habits
and the resounding
effort to see
fuck you for failing me 
oh strangling tethers of my heart;
grasping for what's missing 
as my lungs starve and crumble.

no more chances at growing old together, 
of holding wrinkled hands 
in the blinding brilliance of the sun
as it crests into our view. 

this image floods into my thoughts 
like the napalm of old mistakes;
the bitter and illogical musings of an emotionally turbulent man
stuck between his mind and his affections. 

Year of the Horse

why's it been so damn long?
it's almost as if these words didn't need me to say them.
i've been feeling and learning like never before,
so it is peculiar to move forwards without a supple channel of rhetoric to chant my frictions.
more things coming so profoundly into focus these days,
like the power of my heart
and the chance to move on.

It's all so dangerous,
fresh, invigorating, and sometimes even appropriately sketchy.

I am open
shining brilliantly
gathering the seashells of my affections
into the castles of a mirthful court.

Fuck you, I saw this coming from miles away.

Bitter and rejected spirit of smoke cast from fire,
I still taste you in the wind.

Sinking Further

Lessons unlearned,
oh bitter theme of our endeavours.

Our souls must be giggling infectiously,
watching you and I so foolishly bickering.
They can see that this physical realm holds no tangible path
that we might share,
hand in hand to heart to heat.


It's a hard road you have to travel,
old friend;
I do not know how you will fare.
This could have gone differently,
my inner voices of hope and reason gently remind me.

Too much chaos twists our minds from stillness.

oh supple teat of exaltation

I'm fuckin jazzed up like nobodies business

Heart chakra boogie foot is the flow of my feels as my smile simply grows.

Down the Chakras and Back Again

I haven't seen a thing

so much to come,
no ground to stand on

debris like this life that I've lead
falling rubble to the earth

in the scope of such mind-bending adventures
of the futures near and far,
one little entity could ever determine what this is.

The nature of this consciousness
confounds and diffuses my understanding.

I am weightless underneath this burden of total freedom.

I am dissolved and open.

Marital Dichotomy

You break me down,
yet I crave your build.
You hurt my everything,
yet I want for your healing touch.
You stifle my strengths,
yet in your arms I am happy to be vulnerable.
You destroy my self-worth,
yet your gaze builds me up.
You lie and manipulate until my intuition is useless,
yet my trust for you has somehow remained.

I cannot speak to other about you without cruel and unforgiving words,
but when our eyes meet my thoughts dwell only on affection.
I hate you with my mind,
though my soul is always in love.


From one extreme to the next,
when does your soul get a moment to relax?
Sorrow's hands grip your caramel neck
only until rage bursts out of every crevasse.
Choose your path with intention,
you fool.

:flip 180:

Transformation can be so aqueous,
and immediate.

One moment drenched in apathy,
another soaked in sweat and promise,
only to so vehemently dissolve
into two people with no love held between them.

And now,
to marvelously exemplefy my theory
that Zeus is hell-bent on fucking with my life,
the desire has returned.

Ambiguity is my cradle,
coherency my grave
and here i sit on top of it all,
looking down at the great rumblings of lands far away.